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When there is a workplace shooting a true tragedy takes place. The whole reality of flags being flown at half-staff are a sad reminder that shootings at the workplace are continuing to happen. The issue is not disappearing anytime soon, and it is up to business owners and all of us to do what we need to do maintain our own safety as well as our co-workers, colleagues, friends, and family members.

The solution to making sure the safety of the people in your sphere are protected to the best of your ability for company owners and organization leaders is available. It is a fact that active shooter training gives staffs, company managers, and regular customers visiting your business the skill sets and tools necessary to lower the danger of injury or loss of life. Active shooter training is reasonably priced, it is easy to sign-up for and complete and it may be a life saver in the event the unfathomable happens at your place of worship, place of study, or business location.     

If you are considering signing up for active shooter training for your Albuquerque business and you are not certain that your business has a necessity for it, look at the following figures:

  • Incidents involving active shooters are increasing during 2021. Recent active shooter statistics show there is an incident every three weeks in the United States. When one or more individuals try to kill people in area that is full of people it is considered an active shooter incident.  
  • Active shooter incidents normally happen in businesses, schools, or churches approximately 65% of the time. Angry ex-employees or people with psychological problems who have major vengeance issues who desire to inflict harm to other people many times take out their anger at businesses or places connected to some negative memory of theirs. Most of the businesses in the United States do not have any thoughts that an active shooter incident may take place at their business location. Because of this fact most businesses do not have any action plan setup to tackle such a horrible event. If one were to occur with no plan in place to make employees or customers safe, an epic tragedy would take place.   
  • Employees need a game plan to follow in the event there is an active shooter incident.
  • Active shooter mitigation gives employees a game plan in the event of an incident. Setting up your business with a game plan is known as active shooter mitigation. People do not know what to do during an active shooter incident, so a lot of people end up getting hurt or losing their life when one occurs. Active shooter training provides employees or students the needed actionable knowledge necessary to reduce their risk and of others when an active shooter incident occurs.  
  • Shooters’ prospects for injuring people or killing them are reduced when people receive active shooter response training. Lowering risks is the main emphasis of active shooter mitigation. Through focusing on lowering and minimizing one’s profile and openness, active shooter response trainers instruct course students methods to lower their likelihood of getting shot during an active shooter incident.  Employees will receive specific training on how to maintain alertness regarding spotting sketchy looking individuals, methods on how to analyze real situations and methods on actions to take to lower their chances of getting injured or killed when these vicious types of incidents happen.   

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We hope that you will never have to encounter an Active Shooter, but in today’s world, you need to be prepared to deal with the situation. Training will increase your likelihood of surviving and avoiding injury. Our Active Shooter Training at Safety Counselling in Albuquerque will give you the knowledge necessary to preserve your safety, health, and well-being.