Ergonomics Awareness Training Albuquerque


The Ergonomics Awareness Training Albuquerque course offered by Safety Counselling will teach you how to mitigate ergonomic hazards that can lead to CTD or Cumulative Trauma Disorders. Workers in all fields should have a thorough understanding of the various hazards that may not seem problematic at the moment but over time can lead to serious health issues.

We offer multiple Ergonomics Awareness Training classes to fit your specific needs. Ergonomics Awareness for the Office, Ergonomics Awareness for the Field and a general Ergonomics Awareness Class.

Who needs Ergonomics Awareness Training?

  • Office Personel
  • Warehouse and Dock Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Shop Workers
  • Everyone!

What will be covered?

Course topics will include all of the basics plus specific Ergonomic Awareness topics related to your industry and the class you are enrolled in with us.

  • Ergonomics
    • Definitions
    • Goals
  • Four Major Anatomical Systems
  • Causes of CTD
    • Poor Posture
    • Repetition
    • Force Application
    • Fatigue
  • Keys to the Prevention of CTP
    • Good Posture/Alignment/Positions to Avoid
    • Minimize Repetitions
    • Reduce Force Application
    • Getting adequate rest
    • Flexibility
    • Strengthening
    • Communication and taking personal responsibility
  • First Aid for Early Onset of CTD
    • Early Intervention
    • Ice
    • Anti-Inflammatories
    • When to Consult a Physician
  • Field Topics
    • Environmental Stressors
    • Working in the Power Zone
    • Work Bench Issues
    • Tool Design and Use
    • Lighting and Glare
    • Leg Room
  • Office Topics
    • Environmental Stressors
    • Chair Requirements
    • Document Issues
    • Computer Positioning
    • Telephone Use
    • Lighting and Screen Glare
    • Leg Room

What happens at the end of the Ergonomics Awareness Training Albuquerque course?

Upon completion of the Ergonomics Awareness Training in Albuquerque at Safety Counselling, you will be more aware of seemingly harmless activities that can decrease your quality of life and learn how to avoid dealing with these traumas.

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At our hands on training facility, we strive to make our Ergonomics Awareness Training Albuquerque course fun and give workers the knowledge necessary to keep their body in better shape for longer.

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