Why Construction Workers Need OSHA 10-Hour Training

Why Construction Workers Need OSHA 10-Hour Training.

  • Falling from height.
  • Hit by an object.
  • Collapsing of support 
  • Electrocution
  • Slip, Trips, and Falls

Besides mentioned types, there are a lot more hazards, but these are common. To reduce accidents and regulate workplace safety, a regulating body OSHA was established under the OSHA Act on April 28th, 1971. OSHA Stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. While the prime mission of OSHA is to minimize the accidents ratio, protect American worker’s health, save lives at workplaces.

According to the OSHA mission statement, the function of the OSHA is.

  • To develop Standard rules & regulations to ensure safety at the workplace.
  • Carry out regular inspections to ensure the enforcement of regulations and rules at the worksite.
  • To establish a database for maintaining records of job-related injuries & illness.
  • To increase the knowledge about occupational safety and health, educate employees through extensive training.

The construction industry is one of the big industries where many people and different job natures are involved. The jobs may vary from laying a foundation to the painter. Therefore, extensive training is necessary for everyone who belongs to the construction industry. Different reasons why a construction worker needs OSHA training are listed below.


The safety of workers at the workplace is the top priority of any organization. Better trained construction workers on machines and devices mean safer working conditions. The operation will continue in a secure environment. Due to this reason, OSHA training emphasizes on safety of workers at the workplace. OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course comprehensive training is available to all construction workers. Four safety-related hazards are fall from height, struck by an object, caught-in/between, and electrocution hazards. OSHA 10-Hour training concentrates on those hazards. When workers complete the training, the ratio of accidents has decreased by 66%. So the first reason construction workers need OSHA training is to ensure the safety of workers at the workplace. In short, you and the people around you will feel safer when work executed at job sites is done according to the rules and regulations of OSHA.


Another factor that is causally related to the OSHA training is the productivity of an organization. Due to many challenges, the construction business industry lost a lot of revenue. Therefore, proper OSHA training can increase the productivity of an organization. Formal training optimizes the skills of construction industry workers. During this process, different people share ideas. They learn how to utilize better resources and time to get more profit and increase productivity. Similarly, proper OSHA Training can protect jobs and cut costs in health, illness, and injury.


Effective communication and good collaboration are always necessary for the construction process. Companies cannot complete a large-scale project without involving a goal-oriented team. And for this purpose, training is a part of it. Without training, you cannot create and establish a goal-oriented team. You can use different OSHA training schemes to better collaborate among construction workers, supervisors, and other stockholders. Therefore, proper training is necessary that helps employees and workers collaborate effectively and increase productivity. You can convert your routine meeting into safety training to improve the collaboration of employees.


With the help of OSHA training, you can hold a person accountable in case of an accident at a construction workplace. When companies do not require proper safety guidelines and safety training, people get hurt. The owner will not be responsible every time in case of an accident. If a person has received training, then it is the responsibility of the person to follow the guideline and work in a safe environment. So, safety training can help you make a person accountable for the accident that happens at the workplace.


Besides those mentioned above, many other factors depend upon the training of workers in the construction workplace. Therefore, we summarize our article in a simple line. Regardless of available resources, working environments, and project types, every construction worker at every company should complete OSHA 10-Hour training. All training contents and materials must include the latest technology, techniques, and procedures to ensure the worker’s safety and increase productivity.