The Critical Safety Responsibilities of All Employees

The Critical Safety Responsibilities of All Employees

As an employer, you are responsible for creating a safe environment for all employees. This is where you need to implement appropriate measures for ensuring workplace safety.

It is the responsibility of both employees and employers to work together and promote a safe workplace culture. While working together, they should also make sure that safety measures implemented at the workplace are positive and proactive. While keeping this in mind, employers should provide training and education for the employees. Moreover, they should be provided with knowledge on safety rules, standards, and regulations. If protective equipment is needed, employers should provide them as well. While keeping these in mind, let’s take a look at the safety responsibilities that all employees should practice.

Adhering to safety measures at all times

Regardless of where you are, you need to adhere to safety measures. For example, you will focus on safety when you climb up a ladder and do a small repair at your home. You need to implement the same safety measures when you do work at the workplace. It is better if you can discuss with the employer and make sure that you have a proper training on safety. Then you can understand the health and safety policies of your company. On top of that, you will have the required knowledge to do your job with safety.

Get the most out of safety tools

You will get numerous safety tools to get work done, depending on the job. You need to use all those safety tools and ensure your safety while at the job. For example, you need to pay attention to health and safety signs and posters. Make sure that you don’t ignore written directions and warning signals.

You should also go through Safety Data Sheets and understand how to use equipment. If you are working with hazardous materials, you must carefully go through chemical label instructions as well. Always wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure your safety at work. On top of that, you must refrain from misusing or interfering anything that can compromise your health and safety.

Learn more about the safety hazards, safety rules, and safety practices

As soon as you are hired, you will be provided with a formal training on safety. You need to get the most out of this. This is where you should put some effort to learn more about the company safety policies. The training given to you by the company would align more on the safety hazards that exist at the workplace. However, you should not just limit yourself to the training given. It is better if you can put some effort to enhance the knowledge you have on safety.

You should be familiar with the emergency response plan of your company. When your company is conducting emergency drills, you should take part in them. Then you can refresh your knowledge. Whenever a safety training is available, you need to take part in it. You should refrain from using any machinery or equipment if you haven’t received a proper training on it. Always raise it to your employer, and make sure that you get a proper training.

Escalate unsafe work conditions and work practices immediately

While you are at work, you will come across unsafe work conditions and work practices. You should promptly escalate such situations to the management. Until the issue is addressed, you should not get involved in such work. You also have the responsibility of protecting your co-workers from getting into dangers associated with such situations.

Make sure that you do this for all unsafe conditions and unsafe acts. If there are injuries or illnesses that arise due to such situations, you need to escalate them as well. You have a clear idea about the job that you do, and the risks associated with it. If you feel that the work you do is not safe, you should not continue with it. Instead, escalate the concerns to your supervisor and get a proper solution. Then you can keep peace of mind and continue with your work.

Discover your Level of Acceptable Risk (LOAR) and reduce it

Level of Acceptable Risk, or LOAR, refers to the risk threshold that an employee can take when performing an operation or task. It varies from one person to another. This is where you need to understand what your Level of Acceptable Risk is. Once you go beyond this threshold, you will not feel safe to continue with the work that you do.

If you sense that you are going beyond the LOAR, you must escalate it. Then you can get the responsible entities to reduce the amount of risk that you are dealing with.

Following safety regulations and rules is a part of the law

It is not something optional to follow the safety regulations and laws. You should keep in mind that it is required by the law. In other words, the OSHA rules and regulations clearly specify that employees need to adhere to rules implemented as per their occupational safety and health standards. Your employer should provide you with a clear overview of what these rules are. However, you should not just rely on the employers to ensure your safety. You hold the responsibility to ensure your own safety as well.

Final words

If you can adhere to these safety responsibilities, you can ensure your protection at the workplace. You will also be able to contribute towards making a safe workplace culture for everyone.