Reasons Why Confined Space Training Is Critical For Your New Mexico Company Worker Safety

Reasons Why Confined Space Training Is Critical For Your New Mexico Company Worker Safety by Safety Counselling 505-881-1112 a

Confined spaces are not just uncomfortable – they can also pose severe risks to workers’ health and safety. Here’s what you need to know about confined space hazards, regulations, and how to keep employees safe!

What Is Classed as A Confined Space?

The definition of “confined space,” according to OSHA, is an area that:

– is large enough for workers to enter, and

– has limited or difficult entrances/exits.

This broad term can be applied in any industry – construction included. The good news? You’ll make better workplace safety decisions with this information so long as you keep up-to date.

What Are the Risks in Confined Spaces?

The risks of enclosed spaces are countless, including explosions and toxic chemicals. In one fatal incident, a man died after spending too long inside a confined space with low airflow. With a 2-foot opening and a 4-foot internal diameter, not only were there restricted oxygen levels, but other substances also – like CO2 & LEL – were at a higher concentration.

Unfortunately, in this instance, the man was also working alone, so it was some time before he was discovered.

OSHA have implemented new regulations regarding confined spaces in a bid to avoid tragedies like this in the construction industry.  These safeguards also include the responsibilities of both employers and workers for overall safety.

What Is Covered in Confined Space Training?

Confined space training instructs construction and other industry employees on how to evaluate, understand and minimize the risks involved in working a unsafe, small areas for a temporary period of time.

What Does the Training Cover?

Confined space training will teach you the potential hazards associated with confined spaces, how to control procedures and identify additional risks. It also discusses PPE Use in a Confine Space as well has safe work practices when entering these types of environments.

A confined space can be any enclosed area large enough for someone to enter, but not always to work within.

Safety Counselling’s Confined Space Training Course also covers various levels of emergency procedures, including ventilation, testing and more.

Why Is Confined Space Training Essential?

This training can confirm that your workers are suitably qualified to enter a confined space, that they are aware of all hazards and risks, and that they can evaluate changes in risk factors as they occur.

The training also enhances decision making, better procedures and processes and ensuring an investment in equipment for safety to the right team members.

Confined Space Training Courses

Your New Mexico company is well and truly covered in this respect with courses offered by Safety Counselling.  Our courses are designed to fit exactly what you need, so reach out today to learn more, ask questions and register.  Let’s talk!