Four Factors Why Fall Protection is Critical for Your Business by Safety Counselling 505-881-1112

It is a fact that there is distinct irony about a business owning a high-quality fall protection system and a business that owns, employs, and continues to use and take care of the best fall protect system available. Simply put, employers need to buy a fall protection system and use it. There are a set of basic critical factors why an employer should own and require its employees to employ the top fall protection system on the marketplace in 2021 when working for the company.  

Factors Why Fall Protection Is Critical for the Safety & Success of Your Business

Legal Factors

Employers are required to comply with 6 general safety standards created by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA instituted more standards specifically delineated for a variety of different industries and applications, a variety of workplace environments, and specific job duties. OSHA mandates company employers comply with OSHA regulations and act on making job safety a high priority as follows:

  • Employers are mandated to provide safe workplaces for all its workers.
  • Employers are required to put systems in all workplaces which keep employees from tumbling from raised workplace settings, workplace equipment, or workplace machines, regardless of the location of the work platform is above the ground or not above the ground.  
  • When a worker falls, the company’s fall protection system equipment is required to work properly where it reduces the amount of injury.
  • Employers are required to supply quality fall protection system equipment for its employees, and it must be supplied to employees free of charge.
  • Employers are required to educate its staffs regarding potential job and work activity risks using methods that are easy to comprehend. The education is required to connect to choosing, employing and taking care of the requisite workplace devices or machinery and operational systems.  
  • Employers are not permitted to seek vengeance towards any employees how act on working in a workplace that is safe. That employee action includes employees communicating an issue regarding safety or a workplace accident.

Employee Safety  

Employee safety is the direct logical factor for purchasing and employing the top safety systems available today. Safe employees will move forward each day and produce better work when they have peace of mind about their safety in the workplace. When employers provide a safe workplace, employees are focused and do their job with conviction, effectively and with more drive. It is a known fact that when an accident happens workers get hurt, suffer pain and in some instances, an accident is fatal. Employers that make employee well being and safety a top concern will ensure it is doing everything it can to make certain its workers are safe and show they care about them and their families ongoing welfare.  

Positive Business Accomplishments   

Employers with employees that do their jobs at a high-level experience lower expenses and higher bottom lines. Additionally, reduced business risk and liability premium costs and not pay to defend the business in expense lawsuits or pay out on big liability verdicts will assist companies on maintaining reduced costs. Businesses that comply with or exceed OSHA and CSA safety requirements improve their chances of landing government contracts.

Lawsuits and Liability Insurance Factors

For years OSHA has reported that the highest occurring workplace violation involve lack of fall protection. On an annual basis insurance companies regularly payout over $10 billion annually in worker’s compensation claims. When a company has an employee fall at the workplace a claim is normally paid. After that claim is paid out the chances are close to 100% that company will pay higher insurance premiums. That fact means employers absolutely must institute workplace safety training and use the best fall protection equipment available.   

OSHA developed specific well spelled out regulations for all workplace settings and every type of job activity. Some regulations are applicable to one job setting or activity but not in a different one.  There are regulations in OSHA with exceptions for a certain situation and there are areas up to interpretation. Workers or their family often end of talking to an attorney when a fall happens. A good job safety attorney will seek information regarding an employers’ workplace safety training and equipment and its compliance with OSHA rules and regulations. The attorney will review every aspect of the fall, the company’s workplace falls protection safety equipment, the company’s employee safety training and management, and how well the fall protection equipment was taken care of at the workplace. Attorneys develop winning lawsuits with information and documentable facts. For employers it is wise to establish a work setting and workplace safety training and protocols that show everything was done the correctly when it comes to workplace worker safety.     

Safety Counselling Will Help Your Albuquerque Business with Fall Protection Training

The Fall Protection Training Albuquerque course offered by Safety Counselling will teach you how to safely work in areas where you might be at risk of falling. OSHA ranks falls as the number one leading cause of death of the “Fatal Four” in the private sector. In our Fall Protection Training, you will learn everything you need to know to keep yourself safe and injury free.