Factors Why Your Business Requires Active Shooter Training in 2024

Factors Why Your Business Requires Active Shooter Training in 2024

You never want to imagine the unthinkable happening at your place of business. But being prepared could save lives.

Active shooter situations are on the rise in 2024. Is your business ready?

Your people are your most valuable asset. An active shooter event could put them at risk. Proper training can empower them with lifesaving skills.

Here’s more reason why!

A Harsh New Reality

Mass shootings are now part of our modern world. No business is off limits for people set on doing terrible harm.

When a shooter attacks, it’s an absolute nightmare. Innocent lives lost. Families forever shattered. Communities shaken to their core.

Here are some troubling statistics:

  • Active shooter incidents increased over 50% from 2020 to 2024. That’s a huge jump in just a few years.
  • There were 25 deadly shootings in 2024 alone. That shakes out to around one every three weeks.
  • About 65% happen at workplaces, schools, churches – public places we all go. Sometimes it’s angry former employees or troubled individuals consumed with rage.
  • Most businesses just aren’t prepared. They don’t think it’ll happen to them. They have no emergency plan in place. This leaves them extremely vulnerable.

Could this happen at your workplace? The hard truth is that the threat is real. Being ready could truly save the lives of those you care about.

A Game Plan for Survival

Your staff needs an effective strategy to follow if the very worst case occurs. Proper training gives them that plan.

Preparing for an active shooter is called mitigation. Mitigation is all about minimizing harm. Taking smart steps now to avoid potential tragedy later.

Without a mitigation plan, many will be severely injured or killed. With the right training, people know how to best protect themselves and boost their odds of survival.

The main goal is reducing risk as much as humanly possible. Staying hidden from view. Not engaging or provoking the attacker unnecessarily. Securing safe positions. Escaping whenever possible. Fighting back only when it’s the last resort.

Good classes will teach practical methods to lower one’s chances of being harmed or killed. How to identify concerning individuals before they initiate an attack. Accurately assess the situation as it unfolds. Take intelligent action to avoid becoming a victim.

Empower Your Employees

Don’t leave your people defenseless. Equip them now before it’s too late.

Sign up for active shooter response training ASAP. Make it a top priority for your business.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use this skill set. But you simply can’t predict the future. An informed, prepared staff is an empowered staff. Your people are your top priority – their safety matters.

Solid training boosts readiness to act. It provides a detailed plan if the nightmare of an active shooter occurs. Step-by-step methods to avoid harm. Ways to help others in the midst of chaos. Skills that could truly save lives when seconds count.

The more prepared your people are, the better. Training builds instinctive response. In a crisis, hesitation can be deadly.

Empowerment through education is so important here. Give your staff the tools to make quick, decisive choices. To protect both themselves and coworkers. To best increase their odds of surviving an attack.

This Is Not A Drill

Violence these days can erupt any place, any time. No one knows exactly where tragedy will strike next.

But you can choose to be as ready as possible. Preparedness leads to faster response times. Quick thinking and action during an incident can make all the difference in saving lives.

Don’t wait for disaster to spur you into action. Begin preparing right now. Start the active shooter training process ASAP. Empower your employees with potentially lifesaving skills.

With proper preparation, you can minimize risks. Limit the damage caused by those intending harm. Protect your most valued asset – your people.

Active shooter training provides a blueprint for increasing survival odds. Offers hope in the face of fear. Builds confidence to act sensibly amidst chaos.

Don’t leave your business needlessly vulnerable. An attack could happen without warning. Train your staff now before it’s too late!