Distracted Driver Tips All Workers Driving Company Vehicles Should Know and Follow

Distracted Driver Tips All Workers Driving Company Vehicles Should Know and Follow

Driving while distracted can divert your focus from the road and endanger other people. Maintaining worker safety while driving requires an understanding of how to avoid distractions. Our advice can be useful.

Learn more about the risks on the road.

Some of the most dangerous driving distractions include using an electronic device, being sleepy, eating and drinking, and paying attention to other people in the car. In New Mexico, it was become unlawful to drive while texting, reading, or sending emails in July 2014.

Keep your phone switched off.

If you can’t wait to text or call, turn off your phone and any other portable electronics until you get to your destination or pull over in a safe, authorised area. Technology that blocks cell phones can be useful in avoiding texting, phoning, or accessing the Internet while operating a vehicle.

Remain calm.

Remain calm under pressure when driving, and don’t be kind to other drivers who drive erratically or aggressively. If the driver is determined to go first, stay back, and give them room.

Prepare ahead of time.

Before you go, set up the audio and navigation systems and get acquainted with the safety aspects of the car. Remove anything extraneous or loose from the car.

Learn to spot distracted drivers on the road.

Keep an eye out for drivers who are straying from their lanes, travelling at irregular speeds, or engaging in other distracted driving habits. If you believe that the motorist who is distracted poses a risk to other people, stop in a secure area, and contact local authorities.