Confined Space Training Spelled Out and Factors Why it is Critical for Worker Safety

Confined Space Training Spelled Out and Factors Why it is Critical for Worker Safety by Safety Counselling 505-881-1112

To make an organizational operation successful, safety training of employees is crucial. It is the basic right of employees to get safety training if they are working in an environment that is risky. The most important type of safety training is confined space training. Confined space training helps you to achieve and maintain well-defined standards to ensure working in a safe environment.

Furthermore, confined space training helps to decrease the number of accidents and increase the safety level of an organization. That’s why to enhance the safety levels and to avoid causalities and accidents, confined space training is very important.

What is meant by confined space training?

Confined space training is a program initiated by the Occupational Safety House Administration for the employees of an organization. The training ensures the safety of the employees while they are working in a risky environment. Moreover, it trains the employees on how to identify and avoid risk factors and how to perform their job in a confined space while assuring their safety.

After completing the training, you have to take an exam to judge your skills and knowledge to work in a confined space. Subsequently, you will be given a certificate showing that you have completed the training. So, certified employees will be aware of the confined space training standards which are the guidelines and practices to enhance the safety of employees.

What is a confined space?

A confined space has the following characteristics according to OSHA

  • A confined space has restricted access.
  • It consists of a proper space where employees can perform their work.
  • It is not able to hold continuous occupancy.

Tanks, vessels, vaults, silos, pits and storage bins are some examples of confined spaces. There are also some confined spaces that need permission to access. Permit required confined spaces usually have the following characteristic:

  • They have a potentially hazardous environment.
  • They consist of materials that can harm someone.
  • They have such a configuration that can capture someone.
  • They might have a sloping floor on a small area that can suffocate a person who enters it.
  • They pose serious safety and health hazards.

These sort of confined spaces can be a source of causalities and fatalities.

Since OSHA has outlined some guidelines and standards, the risk of potential accidents can be reduced.

What is OSHA’s confined space standard?

These standards are guidelines or set of practices that the employees should learn and practice. It is recommended that employees should access their workplace to know about the spaces that are permit required. Ideally, employers should guide the employees about the location of these spaces and their hazards.

Employers should effectively discuss these spaces in training sessions. There should be warning signs close to these spaces. Employers should guide the employees, not to enter the permit spaces also if they are not allowed to do so. On the contrary, if they are allowed to enter these spaces, they should show the permit space program to the employers and go through proper training to make sure that they are well prepared to work safely.