Active Shooter Fundamentals Guide for 2023 – Run, Hide, Fight

Active Shooter Fundamentals Guide for 2023 - Run, Hide, Fight
Active Shooter Fundamentals Guide for 2023 – Run, Hide, Fight

An active shooter is a person that is directly acting to kill or try to kill people in a closed area and highly densely populated area. Most active shooters use guns and normally there is no fixed method of choosing the victims to shoot.

Run the minute an active shooter is in the area.

  • Remove yourself from the area as quickly as possible. This action is your best option, and it needs to your number one priority
  • Leave your personal belongings behind.
  • Assist by keeping others from entering the scene.
  • The minute it is possible, call 911.

Hide, if running is not possible.

The active shooters should not be able to find you at any cost. Your hiding place must be safe so that no one could be aware of it as it is the place that provides you the most shelter and safety in an emergency shooter situation.

If the active shooter is nearby 

  • All sources of noise must be turned off and no noise whatsoever should be made.
  • One must not make any sort of sound when the shooter is near. If you keep making sounds you may be identified by the shooter instantly.
  • The sources from where the sound emits must be turned off and pin drop silence must be managed throughout the situation.
  • One must also hide behind enlarged objects so as not to be seen during an active shooter situation.
    Fight – As a last resort, and only when your life is in imminent danger, attempt to disrupt and/or incapacitate the active shooter by:
    Aggression on him/her (the shooter) must be swiftyly demonstrated or one can throw items at the shooter or scream loudly.

  • ·        Pay direct attention to orders from officers.
  • ·        Be aware officers may use pepper spray or tear gas to manage the scene.
  • ·        Leave your things. Safety first is the key. Get to safety quickly.
  • ·        Help your fellow victims leave the area. Do not leave people behind if possible.
  • ·        Remain steady and do not cause unrest in the situation.
  • ·        Do not permit people to go into the active shooting scene due to the inherent danger.
  • ·        Keep hands down if carrying any items.
  • ·        Keep your hands in sight.
  • ·        Do not commit any fast moves.
  • ·        If there is a problem or imminent danger and one cannot listen to the commands then the dispatcher should leave the call on. This action will allow them to listen to the situation you are going through so that you may be saved.
  • ·        The location of the active shooter must be available.
  • ·        The number of shooters must be managed and communicated if possible if there is more than one.
  • ·        The physical descriptions of a shooters must be available and communicated if possible.
  • ·        The officers arrive at the crime scene must remove injured victims if possible.
  • ·        Rescue teams will help the injured victims if possible.
  • ·        Law enforcement authorities may make some decisions and one must not leave until and unless the authority makes any sort of decision and communicates it to you.