A comprehensive safety program can help create a safe working environment that benefits the entire organization by helping you reduce lost-time accidents, lower insurance premiums, lower indirect costs, and create a more productive atmosphere.

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Safety Consulting & Training for Over 40 Years

Since 1973, Safety Counselling, Inc. has worked as an integral part of businesses, developing and implementing creative yet pragmatic solutions to safety. Our Safety Consultants have the expertise to recognize existing and potential hazards in your workplace and can help implement a cost-effective safety program for your organization.

We are pleased to announce that the New Mexico Worker’s Compensation of New Mexico Foundation will be hosting the following class for the Mid-South OTI Educational Center at Safety Counselling, Inc.

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The following classes have been scheduled to begin soon here in Albuquerque. Click on the link to register:

In Our Client's Words

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you, and particularly Kim Porter, for your ongoing involvement with Kindred Hospital over the past several years.  Engaging Safety Counselling to help us with our safety program and reduce the number of reportable injuries about three years ago was one of the wisest decisions our organization has made.  Kim has been working with our staff to heighten the awareness, look for areas of improvement, even make recommendations for additional equipment in order to shift everyone’s thinking to a “culture of Safety”. 

 If you recall, three years ago we were experiencing a high rate of injuries with associated costs approaching 250K annually.  I am very pleased to say that last year our injury rate went down almost 80%.  The resulting cost reduction for  medical and lost time injuries  was at an all time low, down to 5K for the entire year with 0 lost time cost, incredible. 

Congratulations to us, but we could not have done it without your help and the efforts of Kim and your staff.  Because of Safety Counselling we truly have a Culture of Safety that focuses on the wellbeing of each of our staff and the patients we take care of.  Again, Thank you.  I look forward to the results for 2014.  “

Michael Shaw – Kindred Hospital