How Albuquerque Businesses Can Prevent Common Fire Protection System Code Violations

A very secure and tidy work environment should always be the main priority for any Albuquerque, NM, company. Fire hazards are costly, and the penalties for the Fire Protection System Code violations can directly or indirectly affect a company. The main objective of company owners should always be to protect people (including the customers and staff) in their building and provide them an environment that can guarantee safety. If building owners are not working hand-in-hand with fire and life safety experts, mistakes might occur even regardless of using the most efficient fire protection system.

Here are some of the ways to prevent your business from making common fire protection system code violations.

Ensure that all Doors and Exits are Clear 

Unclear doors and exits are the most common fire protection system code violation. Fire hazards can occur at any time, and just a minor doorway blockage can cause a significant threat to the safety of workers and customers present in the building. This fire protection system code violation has already been documented in business thousands of times by fire marshals and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Thus, if doors and exits are blocked, the company will be fined. The fine from an inspector is expensive, and there is a need to avoid violating the stated protection code.

Maintain a Reliable Fire and Life Safety System or Signage

There is a need for routine maintenance to maintain an efficient and dependable fire and life safety system. Emergency lighting is one of the things that building owners entirely overlook. Equipment that does not function correctly, such as blocked safety signage, non-illuminated emergency signs, or damaged emergency lighting, can be forgotten easily because the equipment is never activated. For commercial building owners to maintain building safety, it is necessary to do regular testing and maintenance on these systems. A professional fire safety technician can successfully carry out this testing. Failure to do this can lead to the violation of the fire protection system code. 

Businesses Should Implement Proper Storage Practices.

Fire protection system codes dictate places permitted for storage. Do not block fire extinguishers, fire pumps, or electrical panels. Any blockage of these utilities can lead to the violation of the fire protection system codes. It is essential to know the areas required to be left open and place some equipment in places that will make them easily accessible.

Building Owners Should Always Ensure that Fire Sprinklers are in an Excellent Working Condition

Fire sprinklers are in most facilities. Few building owners or facility managers are familiar with the device. Business owners overlook sprinklers because they do not get turned on unless there is a fire. When a building’s function has changed – for example, if the occupancy rates have increased or if potential hazards have changed, the fire sprinkler system could no longer be adequate. 

Building sprinklers must be tested and maintained regularly by a reputable fire safety business. During an inspection, a professional fire safety inspector will determine whether the owner or builder of a building installed the appropriate sprinklers for the business space and assess if the sprinklers will function when required.

Building Owners Should Always Maintain Fire Alarm Systems

If not routinely inspected as part of the overall fire safety system of the company, faulty fire alarm systems could go undetected for a long time. Smoke and heat alarms, fire pull stations, control systems, and warning communication devices all serve as the first alarm of the system in an emergency, securing business properties and lives. Maintenance does not only reduce the chance of fire and life safety code breaches, but it also prepares the building and its inhabitants for the remainder of the system’s security.   

Maintaining Compliance with Fire and Life Safety Systems

Fires and disasters are difficult to forecast for the same reason they are impossible to anticipate. There is no way to know when they will occur. Failure to maintain fire and life protection systems at any point in time could result in more than a warning or fine for a code violation; it could result in the loss of life.

In Conclusion 

Employees, residents, clients, and tourists in your Albuquerque, NM, building depend on you to keep a fire safety system in good working order to make them safe. You must always keep the facility clean and clear of violations by effectively managing your system and working with a fire safety company. Remember that “health is wealth.” Avoid violating the standard fire protection system code.