Safety first concept. Safety first stencil print on the black concrete wall. Construction worker with yellow safety helmet.

Fallacies and myths about workplace safety and health can markedly affect virtually all facets of your company. From keeping employees long-term and how the public sees you to profits and losses, you will desire to take heed to the top myths regarding workplace safety and health that prevent your business from building like it should. 

  1. MYTH: Spending company money on safety and health in the workplace costs too much.
    GET REAL: Workplace safety and health training involves spending money now, but it is nothing compared to the money your company will have to fork over if a nasty accident or injury happens. Several studies have been done where more than 60% of company CFOS stated there is a return of $2 for every dollar invested in safety and health training to prevent workplace injuries. The investment in the training provides a return, but it indirectly saves staggering sums of money for a company that it will have to pay if an accident happens, and a worker gets hurt. Monies saved include the real costs of training, paying for new workers, fines from OSHA, just to name a few. Without a doubt your company finishing and executing a full set of safety training courses in your business will reduce expenses and save time. A great tool that your company may consider for safety training is the OSHA-Authorized Outreach Training Online 

  2. MYTH: Regardless of what safeguards we implement, accidents will occur.
    GET REAL: Thinking this way removes workers from the equation and allows us to give up our responsibility. Safety in the workplace does not occur like magic. It requires an action plan and execution. Developing a safe workplace setting mandates continual awareness, focus on the big and small things, and ongoing consideration. Safety is not a thing that is looked at but a specific thing we work on each day we are open for business. Getting your mind in the game and keeping it there requires constant daily attention.

  3. MYTH: My company’s staff comprehend and realize My employees know how to protect themselves and work safely without formal training.
    GET REAL: Business owners should not operate on the premise of what someone is knowledgeable about a subject matter or not. A subject matter may come naturally to one person, may be completely perplexing to the next person. Operating on the premise that your company’s employees immediately are familiar with everything right away is inviting catastrophe that may put company employees in danger and harm the company monetarily. Click here to discover more about OSHA-Authorized training for your company’s employees.   

  4. MYTH: Workplace dangers are not a concern because we work in an office place.
    GET REAL: All workplace settings should be considered by companies as a place that illnesses, injuries, and accidents can occur. An office may seem completely safe, but injuries do occur in them every year. 

  5. MYTH: Safety in the workplace only impacts one component of your company.
    GET REAL: Having this incorrect conception can possibly be particularly harmful due to the fact it prevents you from viewing the larger continuing future for your company. It is critical to maintain a broader viewpoint and bear in mind your staff are folks with a life and family members separate from their job. Past that, it is important to constantly remember that the public, vendors, and clients, just to name a few, look at your company carefully all the time. Spending company capital in your workers and their well-being with respect to their safety and health delivers a positive message that you care about them. This will also show businesses and clients you do business with how well you take care of the people that work for you.


Consider if your company takes all these fallacies and myths into account and then works on creating a workplace that is safe, healthy and fun to work at. Your company will experience the joy of providing a better place to work and enjoy the fruits of its labors with respect to better customer service, improved optimism, and an excellent reputation.