Worker using a forklift, driver at work in an industrial factory

Becoming a trained and certified forklift operator can be highly beneficial. In addition to possibly making a more than a decent yearly salary and creating the skill sets needed to get top forklift operator positions, your certification substantiates you have the knowledge and training to do all that is necessary to prevent work accidents and injuries.    

Forklift operators without training are highly likely to make errors that end up in tumbles out of the forklift, forklift flip-overs, and crashes, along with additional mishaps. Forklift accidents by their very nature are extra dangerous because of the size and the physical make-up of the machine. Each of these occurrences place coworkers, and the forklift operator in peril of getting seriously hurt or even killed. One forklift occurrence can end up where the employer, and its forklift operator, both get sued and/or get in trouble criminally if a person is killed or seriously injured. If an occurrence does happen it will most likely turn out where the forklift operator will never work in that capacity again.

Through completion of forklift training and attainment of a forklift certification, a forklift operator provides the skill sets, knowledge and means to be successful. From being certified, forklift operators can chip in each day to keep the workplace safe. In addition, they can also do their part in reducing workplace risks and improve their opportunities for having a wonderfully positive career with the company they choose to work at.

Why Forklift Certification is Worthwhile

Like any certification training, degree, or diploma, a forklift certification’s value comes from what you achieve with it. By spending the effort and required time and necessary means to get your forklift certification and by applying the skill sets and know-how you obtained, you will be highly sought after by companies and organizations seeking top professional forklift operators. The outcome: You will expand your professional annual earnings and attain the job goals you desire.   

How to Meet the Criteria for a Forklift Operator Position

To qualify for the thousands of forklift positions available around the country the first move is to sign-up and complete forklift training and attain your forklift certification. Deadly forklift accidents happen around the country in the hundreds annually and most of them are due to a forklift operator error operating the machine unsafely or by employing inappropriate maneuvers, or by not seeing obvious workplace hazards. If you desire to take care of your own life and the life of your co-workers and innocent people standing by, you must complete the training to obtain your forklift certification.

Your well being when driving a forklift is the top motivation for completing forklift training. However, it is equally valuable if your goal is to meet forklift job qualifications. Companies and corporations logically will not hire forklift drivers without training or certification. This is because of the higher chance of accidents, machine damage, fines and penalties from government agencies, and the high likelihood of financial damages from lawsuits. Companies solely seek position applications who have forklift certification license because they are certain the applicant will assist the company in developing and maintaining a workplace that is free of accidents and totally safe.

To obtain your forklift certification and meet the criteria for forklift positions, complete the following basic requirements:

  • Locate an OSHA-compliant forklift training school or company.
  • Register for its forklift certification program.
  • Finish all the core training modules and the practical assessment with a certified trainer.
  • Earn your forklift certification.
  • Meet the criteria to qualify for forklift operator positions!
Get Your Forklift Certification- Here is Why
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